Stutzman Services offers full landscape and irrigation design services. Our designers have many years of experience designing landscapes from entire housing developments, and commercial buildings to small, residential gardens.

Our process begins with an on site meeting with the client, discussing their desires and needs for all the elements of the landscape. Subjects included are garden style, maintenance expectations, sustainable practices, water availability, and generally how the owner would like to interact with their outdoor spaces. The client can prepare for this first step by collecting photographs, website links, articles, making a wish list, and anything else that will help convey their landscape goal. We then make suggestions and present possible design approaches to help achieve that goal.

Next, depending on the complexity of the project, we produce a preliminary plan and present this at a second meeting. If possible for the client, this is held in our state of the art conference room where we have the technology available to display digital images on a large screen, and employ computer aided design methods. With our facility, we can have the client participate directly in the design process, and make revisions as needed. This drawing would show general landscape elements such as lawn and planting bed shapes, pathways, water feature placement, tree placements, and hardscapes such as patios, retaining walls, arbors, and screens.

In the final design step, drawings are created for planting plans, irrigation plans, and, if needed, construction details. From these plans we can accurately produce material lists pertaining to all aspects of the landscape and irrigation needs for the project. Plant lists in both botanical and common names with suggested sizes and numbers are presented. Area calculations can be made quickly and accurately for any shape on the drawing enabling precise estimating for quantities of soil and amendments, mulches, turf seed or sod, brick pavers, or other landscape treatments.

As a design and build company, we enjoy seeing our designs become landscape realities. Therefore, we always offer the client written proposals and estimates for all phases of the construction based on the specifications and drawings we create for them. We also offer further consultation services for those clients who enjoy building the landscape themselves, but need help along the way.