Hardscape is the inanimate (non-living) part of a landscape. It can consist of things like paver patios, boulders, retaining walls or stone pathways--basically anything that doesn't grow. Important for both aesthetic and practical reasons, we are experts at designing and installing these stable, unchanging parts of your landscape.

Sustainable Beauty

The components of a hardscape are available in so many styles, shapes, and colors, that they can fit into virtually any landscape design and complement any style of home. Compared to the living part of the landscape, hardscape is highly sustainable, requiring very little maintenance while retaining its original beauty for many years. A well-designed concrete paver patio can function as an outdoor dining room, lasting much longer and requiring much less maintenance than a wooden deck, all while adding tremendous value to the home.

Practical Importance

Hardscape can be an important practical part of a landscape design. For example: Difficult slopes can be made safe and useful through a retaining wall and terrace system. With a well-designed hardscape, an unusable steep swath of grass can be transformed into several outdoor destinations or "rooms," connected by steps--perfect for anything from dining, to bird watching, to making s'mores. A dry creek bed made of boulders and river rock can have the practical value of draining rainwater away from a home, while also being pleasing to the eye.