Drain Cleaning

Tired of standing in inches of water while you shower? Wondering if that slowly-draining toilet indicates trouble further down the sewer line? Contact us for complete drain cleaning services. We will diagnose the problem and clear the line before a backup causes expensive damage to your home or business.

Our Drain Cleaning Specialists are equipped with all the needed tools and parts right in their service van, so you can expect a quick solution. And our upfront pricing means you can relax as they work, knowing precisely what you're going to pay to get the job done right.

Clogged Toilet

A inconsistent or slowly-draining toilet can be frustrating and embarrassing. But when a toilet overflows, the inconvenience can quickly become a health hazard. Call us to clear the line and keep your toilet draining properly.

Sink, Bathtub and Shower Drains

When an excessive buildup of hair or debris causes your sink, bathtub or shower to drain slowly or become blocked altogether, contact us for a quick solution. We can clean the line safely without damaging the pipes.

Hydro Jetting

This drain cleaning technology uses highly-pressurized water to remove blockages and buildup, leaving pipes clean. In residential applications, it can remove clogs, sand, silt and residue buildup. Hydro jetting should be done routinely on restaurant drains to remove accumulations of grease and food particles.

Video Inspection

As we run our special plumbing video camera along the length of your drain pipes, you'll be able to see their interior condition—every inch of it—and catch potential problems before they arise. After performing the video inspection (sometimes called a sewer scope) our Drain Cleaning Specialist will explain your drain line's status and discuss solutions. You'll even get to keep a recording of the video inspection on a flash drive!

Tree Root Removal

Roots of trees can grow into sewer lines, even through very small openings. If you suspect root growth has caused a clog or damage to your sewer line, call Stutzman Services. Our Drain Cleaning Specialist can inspect, diagnose and repair the damage.

Rain Drains

Don't let an overflowing rain drain cause water damage to your home's exterior. We can inspect and clean downspouts.