Variable Frequency Drive

Yes, it's possible to receive city water-like constant pressure from wells. Variable Frequency Drive (or VFD) technology will not only provide consistent water pressure, but it can also extend the life of your well pump. Stutzman Services is recognized by Franklin Electric as a regional leader and Certified Key Dealer for VFD pump control solutions.

Conventional vs. Constant Pressure Water Systems

If you have a conventional home well water system, you're probably accustomed to rises and drops in water pressure. That inconsistent pressure occurs because the mechanical pressure switch is designed to allow it. Here's what happens:

  1. When you use some water, the pressure in your system's water pressure tank drops.
  2. Eventually, the drop in pressure mechanically trips a switch which turns on an electric motor, spinning the pump in the well and pushing more water up into the tank.
  3. Soon, the pressure in the tank increases to its previous level and the pump is automatically switched off.
  4. Then, as more water is used, water leaves the pressure tank and...return to step one.

In a constant pressure system, a Variable Frequency Drive (sometimes called a variable speed drive) replaces the mechanical switch that controls the pump's motor. As you use water and the pressure decreases toward its low-point threshold, instead of instantly switching on the motor to spin the well pump at just one speed, the VFD allows it to gradually spin up and run at variable speeds. Then, the VFD continuously monitors your water pressure, increasing or decreasing the pump's rotation speed as needed to maintain a much more constant water pressure than is possible with a conventional system.

Extending the Life of Your Well Pump

When pressure drops in a conventional well water system and the mechanical switch is tripped, a tremendous surge of electricity is immediately sent to the pump motor to cause it to begin turning. That surge in power and instant start is very hard on the pump.

Because a VFD spins the pump up gradually, it eliminates the big surge of electricity and heat, which can extend the life of your well pump. Contact us to learn more about a constant pressure well water system and how VFD technology can benefit you.