Galvanized water pipe was the material of choice for interior plumbing up until the 1970's, then copper pipe replaced galvanized as the new standard. However, both of these materials are susceptible to corrosion after long-term exposure to water. A home's galvanized, copper or CPVC plumbing system will eventually require complete replacement. We are repiping specialists and our upfront pricing means you can relax as we work, and know precisely what you're going to pay to get the job done right. If your home—or one that you are looking to buy—was built before 1970, contact us to inspect the plumbing system and determine if a whole-house repipe is in order.

Pex Pipe

Cross-linked polyethylene tubing, better known as PEX, is a flexible, durable piping product that has revolutionized plumbing installation over the last 30 years. PEX pipe will not corrode and, because it is flexible, requires fewer fittings which reduces potential leak points and offers some freeze-damage protection. For whole-house repipes, we use high-quality PEX-a tubing from Uponor and ProPEX expansion fittings which actually get stronger over time.