Water Heaters

If you find yourself taking an unexpectedly cold shower, or notice that it's wet around the base of your water heater, it may be time to replace it. Typically, a conventional hot water heater has a life span of 10 to 15 years, so it can also be a good idea to replace it proactively—especially if it's indoors—to prevent water damage from a broken tank.

At Stutzman Services, our Journeyman Plumbers are equipped to replace your water heater the same day. And upfront pricing means you can relax while we work, knowing precisely what you're going to pay to get the job done right. We will even remove and recycle your old hot water heater at no extra charge.

Heat pump water heaters can reduce your electric water-heating costs by up to 60%.

Heat pump water heaters can reduce your electric water-heating costs by up to 60%.

Heat Pump Water Heater

According to Energystar.gov, water heaters are the second-highest energy consumers in U.S. households. (Touch or hover over the chart for details.) An excellent way to reduce monthly water heating expense is to install a heat pump water heater. They can decrease energy consumption by up to 60%, resulting in a savings of up to $350 per year on electric water heating costs. Rebates and incentives can dramatically reduce your cost of installation, too! Contact us for details or learn more.

Tankless Water Heater

A conventional water heater keeps a full tank of water hot at all times, but a tankless water heater provides heated water only when it is needed, which improves efficiency and extends the life of the unit. Available with gas or electric power supplies, tankless water heaters can even be wall-mounted, freeing up precious floor space. We stock and install high-performance models in a variety of efficiency tiers from Noritz, Takagi and Rinnai.

Conventional Water Heater

We listen to your needs and can help you choose a water heater that's a perfect fit. Conventional water heaters have vastly improved in performance and efficiency over the years and can be the right choice. We stock gas and electric models in a variety of efficiency tiers from Bradford White, AO Smith and Rheem/Ruud.

Instant Hot Water System

Experience hot water nearly instantly from anywhere in your house with a whole-home hot water circulating system. Before it is needed, hot water can be circulated through the plumbing system to dramatically reduce the time you wait for hot water—especially convenient when the faucet or fixture is a long distance from the water heater. Often thought of as a feature available only in new homes, an instant hot water system can be retrofitted into your home's existing plumbing, too.

Commercial Water Heater

We understand that the hot water needs of businesses like restaurants and hotels are different than that of a household. Count on Stutzman Services when your business depends on a reliable supply of hot water.