Samaritan Evergreen Hospice House

Stutzman Services believes in the compassionate mission of Samaritan Evergreen Hospice House. It was our privilege to design and build the landscape when the facility was constructed in 2012. Recently, as a result of a generous donation, we were honored to create a new water feature at the front entrance of the facility in southeast Albany.

As construction of the water feature progressed, our designer Bill, and craftsmen Nic and Louis began to see opportunities to improve the design. Instead of using concrete block for the wall that was planned to support the water cascades, they decided to upgrade it to Molalla wall stone and basalt columns, resulting in a more interesting and attractive view from inside the building.

We love our water feature. It brings such a feeling of peace and serenity to our entrance.
— Maureen Pyle, Assistant Manager

The water flow was going to be adequate using the planned water pump, however it could be better, so they also decided to upgrade it to a much larger pump which provides more motion and sound in the falls. 

As an added detail, moss and fern-covered logs from a local property along the Calapooia River were gathered to place around the falls, resulting in a natural woodland feeling that is unique to our region.

All the additional costs of materials and labor for these creative impulses were absorbed as a gesture of appreciation from Stutzman Services for all that the Hospice House does for families of this community.

"We love our water feature," said Samaritan Evergreen Hospice Assistant Manager Maureen Pyle, "It brings such a feeling of peace and serenity to our entrance."