What's a Constant Pressure System? Part 2

Last time, we explained how a conventional home well water system works. Now, we'll take a quick look at a constant pressure system and see how it can benefit you.

In a conventional home well water system, the pump control is mechanical and can only cause the pump motor to either turn off or on, running at one pre-determined speed.

In a constant pressure system (which can use your same well, pump and pressure tank), the pump control is not mechanical, but electronic. That means that as you use water and the low pressure threshold is reached, instead of instantly creating a surge of electricity to force the pump motor to spin at just one speed, the electronic control allows it to gradually spin up and continue to run at variable speeds.

You no longer have to worry about noticeable drops or rises in water pressure.

In fact, the system continuously monitors your water pressure and allows the pump to increase or decrease its rotation speed as needed to maintain a much more constant water pressure than is possible with a conventional system.

Without the surging electricity and instant starts, the life of your well's pump and motor will be dramatically extended. And because the electronic controls can spin the pump at varying speeds, you no longer have to worry about noticeable drops or rises in water pressure. So feel free to take that shower anytime!

Want to know if a constant pressure system is right for your home? Contact us and we'll have a water systems technician get back to you asap.