Cold Weather Tips for Well Water Systems

When the Willamette Valley's overnight temperatures dip into the teens, well owners can wake up to find themselves with no running water. Here are some tips to help keep the water flowing and prevent freeze damage to your well water system.

Water Not Running? Apply Gentle Heat

The pipes that are connected to your pressure tank are typically the most vulnerable to freezing. That prevents the pressure switch from working properly and, as a result, prevents your submersible well pump from operating. Apply the gentle heat of a light bulb or hairdryer near those pipes, and after a while all the components should begin to work normally again. IMPORTANT: Never use a blow torch or other high-heat source to attempt to thaw pipes rapidly.

Insulate Now to Prevent Future Freezing

Keeping your well water system covered and insulated will help protect it from freezing. Before cold temperatures arrive, make sure your pump house is sealed and insulated properly.

Remember, if you unexpectedly find yourself without water, and you're unable to solve the problem yourself, give us a call. We're here to help.