Eleven Years of School Pride!

For the eleventh year in a row, we are happy to have been able to sponsor a new school pride T-shirt for every student at Albany’s two largest high schools. South Albany students received their shirts during registration (pictured), and West Albany students will receive theirs soon.

08-22-2019 SAHS Shirts-edit.jpg

Our goal: To help promote school spirit and student unity. And it seems to be working! Here is just some of the feedback we received so far this year:

“Thank you so much for sponsoring shirts for our kids.”

“Awesome shirts promoting school spirit. Thank you from an appreciative parent.”

“If it wasn’t for you guys doing that, I don’t know if my girls would have gotten a shirt to represent this great town. You’re very much appreciated.”

Keep an eye out for students (and staff) wearing this year’s school pride shirts around town!